Woodstock Generation CD and EP

WGCover7-Bitmap-cropWoodstock Generation is an album of 10 of my “social commentary” songs – many (not all) presented with a touch of humor.  The first two were written just 10 years after Woodstock but they are still well worth singing.  These ten songs reflect how I felt then, and how I feel now about a number of social issues from war, to working in a troubled economy, to social media, and even to our food.  And of course, living in Arizona as I do, I couldn’t resist taking a humorous jab at my beloved state.

The songs are:  SalesBurst12+cover

Woodstock Generation
What’s Goin’ On
– the facebook song
Die Workin’
Just Can’t Trust
Arizona Time
Daily Grind
Oh Bury Me
Enough of These Stones
Sacred Fire

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